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The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is active and ready to provide community emergency communications. ARES is officially part the ARRL organization and most Hellgate ARC members participate in ARES activities. Thanks to ARRL appointed Emergency Coordinator for Missoula County, NN8A, Byron Van Alstein for taking on this important position. Byron may be reached by phone, 880-3201, via email or via radio, NN8A.

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ARES needs you!

You do not need to be an ARRL or HARC member. Please let NN8A know of your interest! Former EC K7DER, Mike, and his assistant, N7WKR, dedicated years of time and enthusiasm to ARES public service for Missoula County. Many thanks to them for their fine service.

ARES Officers
Title Name and Callsign
Emergency Coodinator (EC) NN8A, Byron
Assistant EC, Operations Vacant
Assistant EC, Logistics, Supply N7GE, Jerry
Assistant EC, Liason AC7UZ, Lewis
Assistant EC, Digital Operations W7PAQ, Frank
Montana ARRL ARES Coordinator AE7V, Todd

Have an Emergency in the Missoula County Area?

What to do as an ARES member in an emergency

  1. Check that you and your family are safe and secure before you respond as an ARES volunteer.
  2. Check that your property is safe and secure before you respond as an ARES volunteer.
  3. Monitor the 147.04 MHz + repeater (146.90 secondary).
  4. Follow instructions you receive from the ARES officials in charge on the above repeater.


ares logo Combined w/ HARC VHF net every Wednesday, 7 pm local, on the 147.04 MHz repeater (146.90 backup) immediately followed by HF Nets on 3947 kHz and 7268 kHz RACES NET, 1st & 3rd Sunday, 9 am local, 3947 kHz

Kalispell Area ARES, Every Wednesday 8PM 145.35,146.62 MHz

For More info see the ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)page.

Equipment Considerations

Further ARES, RACES information

Emergency Preparedness Links