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License Examinations

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Our ham club holds exams prior to each monthly meeting (except December), the 2nd Monday of the month. Exams begin promptly at 5:30 pm. See the Meetings page for meeting locations. Scheduled examinations for Missoula and other locations can be found at the ARRL Find Examinations Sessions Web



License Renewal is easy and free online at the FCC website.  Just click follow the "log in" to "renew"
Here are helpful instructions on renewing your license. Other organizations will renew licenses for a fee, such as ARRL and W5YI.  

Operation requires a Federal Communications Commission license.   Operation is governed by these rules,  47 C.F.R. Part 97.  Here's a link to the complete set of Part 97 amateur radio rules. A license is granted through an examination. 

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Application, Form 605

The license application form 605 is supplied at the examination session.  One of the certifying questions is "I have read and will comply with section 97.13(c).....and OST/OET Bulletin Number 65."

Examinations, quick and easy

Examinations are scheduled in Missoula at least every month except December. If you require another test session date, please contact one of the volunteer examiners to see if an alternate date can be coordinated for you. Our examinations are scheduled for walk-in candidates.  The complete question/answer pools are on the ARRL web site, . No pre-registration is required.  Just show up with:

Volunteer Examiner K7PX with code candidate
Photo: W7DHB

New or Getting Started in Amateur Radio?

A fine website for getting started in amateur radio is on the ARRL website, The complete question/answer pools for the examination are on the ARRL website,

Morse Code Practice

The ARRL has a fine site for practicing Morse code over the internet,

Amateur Radio Classes

No local classes are scheduled at this time. 


Over 30 Years of License Examinations - A History in the Missoula Area: FCC examinations administered by volunteers began in the Missoula area in 1984. The first examinations were conducted by Hellgate ARC volunteer examiners: W7ERV (x KY7I), Erv Davis; W7XT (x K7CHY), Dick Walton and K7VK (x WA7DEO) Vick Applegate.

Since 1984 we have administered nearly monthly examination sessions to 1227 candidates. 741 new licenses or upgrades have been issued in 280 exam sessions! The success rate is 61%. Since 1991, 65% have been Technician licensees. We administer examinations for both W5YI-VEC and ARRL-VEC.

Thirty-six volunteer examiners have participated in our program. Our current active volunteer examiners include; K7PX, K7VK, NN8A, NQ7D, N7DXT,  N7GE, W7GJ, AE7MH, N7MSU, KJ7NL, N7PAS,  WA7W, W7XT, and WV7Z. For additional information about the Hellgate ARC examination program or schedule, contact one of the many local volunteer examiners.

Our Volunteer Examiner Contacts
Callsign, name Email Phone
N7PAS, Paul 406-721-6016
N7GE, Jerry 406-239-2223
K7VK, Vick 406-549-0027