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Useful Links

Parity Act

ARRL FAQ on Parity Act

Why H.R. 555 is Not Good (Enough) for Hams

Just Say No to H.R. 555/S.1534

Ham Radio History

Click the following link to read about radio telgraph history:

Click the below links to read about ham radio history:

Ham Radio in the 21st Century

Storm Spotting

Ham Radio Resource Guide

License Renewal:

Free on-line at the FCC. Just click and follow the "log in" to "renew". Additional renewal information and other free renewal service is on our licensing page.

RF Safety:

Radio Frequency (RF) calculations are an important radio safety step in radio transmissions. Here are some good links including those W7DHB received from the ARRL:

Call Sign Lookup

Morse Code



arrl logo

This is the National Association for Amateur Radio. An up-to-date and elaborate amount of amateur radio information. The best source a wide range of amateur radio information in the country (K7VK opinion).


AMSAT logo

The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation is a non-profit volunteer organization which designs, builds and operates experimental satellites and promotes space education.  There is a wealth of amateur satellite information on this website.  

W5YI Nat'l VEC:

W5YI Logo

Full of amateur radio license news and examination information.  The most commonly used National Volunteer Examiner Coordinator in the Missoula, Montana area. 



The Radio Amateurs of Canada website.   This is the website of Canada's National Amateur Radio Society.

HARC Members, Volunteer Examiner & Others WebPages

W7GJ - (previously WA1JXN) Our local VHF wizard and "elmer".  A good source of radio links and information especially suited to the VHF'r. Lance Collister is an active moon bouncer on six and two meters.  In 1983, he was the first amateur on earth to communicate with an astronaut, W5LFL, Owen Garriott aboard the Space Shuttle, Columbia.

K7MT - Bill has a great website featuring his role as a Communications Unit Leader.  Bill is a member of a Incident Management Team and responds to many emergencies each year.  W7PAQ - Frank maintains a weather station linked to the National Weather Service's surface observation map.  Just hover your mouse over the blue-outlined map symbol (just SE of Missoula on the map) till it highlights "W7PAQ Missoula" and click.   You'll see weather conditions at Frank's near the head of Pattee Canyon.  

Montana Automatic Positioning System ARRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System), an information site by N7VR.  

Montana Repeater Link Association

Traffic Handling

National Traffic System - Methods& Practices Guidlines, Link to the ARRL manual 
National Traffic System - Area and Regional Nets  Lists Net frequencies and times.  

Montana Traffic Net - This net meets every evening at 00:30z on 3.910 kHz for the purpose of handling traffic with all States, Canada and other parts of the world were third party traffic is allowed.  All are welcome to check in.  The webpage links to lots of information about this net. 

Idaho Montana Net - IMN  This CW net is part of the National Traffic System.  It meets daily on 3578.5 (alternate 7043) KHz at 0300Z.  

Farm Net This net meets daily on 3937 kHz at 0200 UTC. This net is part of the ARRL National Traffic System. All amateurs are welcome to join the net. 

Canadian Traffic Nets - Lists some nets by Province and Net Managers of our friends North.   

Amateur Radio Clubs:

Great Falls
Miles City
Coeur d'Alene