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Member Photos

photo 1

A good turnout is a  guarantee at the annual Lewis and Clark Special Events.   From left to right: K7BA, KE7NO(+YL), N7MSU, W7DHB, NZ7S, WV7Z,K7PX, W7PAQ, AC7UZ, KA7OGK & NN8A.

photo 2K7IMZ, Jerry's XYL, Evelyn won the grand prize, a FT857D at the Glacier Waterton Hamfest in July 2006.  What a deal!




photo 3K7VK, Vick; AB0CY, Russ (net control) & AC7UZ take a chow-break during the annual Blackfoot River Cleanup.  The Hellgate ARC members provided public service communications for about 100 volunteers who walked, floated and scuba dived for trash during this event. 

4 Hellgate ARC provided emergency and public service communications for nearly 4,000 runners at the annual Missoula River Bank Run.  N7TAE, Wayne in the HARC vest, successfully avoids a pack of 2,000 one-milers at the corner of Front and Pattee Streets. N7TAE,  now a silent key also is the 2006 recent recipient of the American Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services Award. A good summary of Wayne's ham radio history is at

5KA7LEB, Frank on one of the HARC service events and at his favorite operating position, the coffee/food bar!  With his back to us is K7BA, Bob another connoisseur of fine coffee.  




6 The River Bank Run attracts thousands of runners each spring.  The Hellgate ARC provides public service communications for this event.   Our portable repeater and "radio control center" is staffed by W7DHB, Dennis & NN8A, Byron at a recent event.  15+ other members are positioned along the course to relay information.


k7px-lindypk copy.jpg (204752 bytes) A lightning rod or antenna?  

It's K7PX, Steve scaling another peak.  This one is an 8,000 footer, Lindy Peak, in the Mission Mountains Wilderness.  

His antenna? A J-pole attached to his climbing stick.  He is full quieting into the 147.04 MHz repeater. 


7 The active and enthusiastic team of WB7VPA, Dan and KV7T (SK), George at one of the past public service events.  Obvious they were not doing the bike riding. Hee hee.

KV7T was one of our very active volunteer license examiners. 



K7VK & K7PX are outdoor VHF contesters preferring the high mountain country.  Here's one of their setups in, DN25.   

Listen for them in the June VHF contest& Field Day from mostly DN25 near the Idaho/Montana border (also DN26, DN27, DN36 & DN37).


REPEATERS DOWN?  WHO YOU GOING TO CALL? We would not have the repeaters without the dedication of many Hellgate ARC volunteers. 

8NZ7S, Eric, completing routine maintenance at his 147.00 MHz repeater on University Mountain.  Then he's up at 80' installing a new antenna.  He also heads up maintenance on the Pt Six repeaters.