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New to ham radio? Join us!

Want to learn how to become a licensed amateur radio operator? Click this link. In addition, if you want to join the Hellgate Amateur Radio Club you may fill out the application membership and send it to the address below.

Contributions and Membership Dues Provide Many Benefits

Dues and contributions allow maintenance and funding of over a half dozen VHF/UHF repeaters plus emergency and portable repeaters.These provide wide-area coverage for emergency, public service, club events and routine communications for all VHF/UHF ham radio operators. Additionally, HARC maintains portable and fixed HF communications equipment (radios, portable tower and antennas) for emergency, public service, and the numerous radio communication events held throughout the year. Monthly Newsletter, hard copy mailed to your postal address, and monthly meetings to enjoy and interchange information with assistance, advice and encouragement (we call it "Elmering") with your antenna projects and/or radio operation. Free assistance for amateur radio license renewal.

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Consider joining the American Radio Relay League

Reasons to Support the ARRL by W7DHB, Dennis

"You may have heard about the power companies (with FCC approval) proposing and now installing Broadband RF transmission of broadband signals over power lines (BPL) in the HF bands.  In addition, it is being supported by the FCC because they were sold a bill of goods by the power companies about the commercial benefits, but without adequate testing.  Think about it.  The entire nation would be surrounded with antennas radiating a broad spectrum of noise on the amateur bands.  Tests by the ARRL and amateur clubs have been evaluating the interference, which is in violation of the own FCC rules, but he FCC and the power companies are ignoring the data.  The only organization fighting this with solid data and efforts, besides fighting to keep our frequencies, is the ARRL, our amateur organization.  We must support this effort, and the minimum we should be doing is by joining the ARRL if you haven't already, and even sending in additional dollars to support the lobbying in Washington.  There are important benefits to those who are ARRL members.  1) If our membership is over 50%, the club receives special discounts for training and educational material for the club use, and allows us to retain our Special Service Club recognition for public service.  2)  Just a few advantages of being an ARRL Affiliated Club are: Liability and Equipment Insurance
       --Referrals of prospective Radio Amateurs
       --ARRL Club Stationery
       --Commissions to clubs that submit ARRL membership applications
       --Mailing Lists/Labels
       --Library sets of ARRL Publications
       --50% discount on Club Ads in ARRL publications including QST.In addition, The ARRL Publication, QST, provides schedules of upcoming events, code practice at various speeds, advice on equipment and antenna problems, equipment reviews, antenna designs, amateur radio ads, etc., etc., etc.  In summary, by joining the ARRL, you are supporting a wide variety of important programs to help maintain and expand the radio amateur hobby as well as the Hellgate Amateur Radio Club.  Click for more info at

73's.  W7DHB