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HF Emergency Net

QST QST QST This is (pick one):

with (Your Call) as net control calling the Hellgate Amateur Radio Club Emergency HF Net. The net control will state what information is wanted from check-ins during roll call if needed. When checking in, please use your call phonetically, and only state if you have any formal written traffic or any requested information.

Any informal discussion can be conducted after roll call.

The purpose of this net is to practice proper protocol when assisting organizations like the National Weather Service , the Red Cross and Missoula County Emergency Services.

Is there any formal written traffic for the net?

Before we start with check-ins are there any QST’s or Bulletins for the net?

(Optional) Please give __________________________ when checking in.

Roll will called by (Cities) or (Or by call sign alphabetically by suffix.)

Roll Call

Start from:

Are there any late check-ins Alpha through Mike?

Are there any check-ins November through Zulu?

Is there any further business for the net?

At this time I will close the Hellgate Emergency HF net and return the frequency back to normal amateur use. This is (pick one):

with (Your Call) as net control saying 73 and Thanks for your Help.



As the roll call is developed then the way it is called by town or call sign can be decided.

Traffic should be in form of written traffic according to the NTS system,

QST’s or Bulletin’s should be a notice of a happening or event. Just a greeting to everyone can be done when checking in and kept short.

Early check-ins doesn’t do anything for the net so don’t worry about them or take them. They can only help to pass traffic or help the net if they are there at the time of the net.

Please log start and finish times of net, mark check-ins, total of check-ins and total of traffic items handled on roll call sheet.