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HARC VHF Net Procedure

Tom and Paul test the dipole


HARC VHF Net Preamble & Protocol

QST, QST, QST, this is <your call> acting as Net Control Station for the Hellgate Amateur Radio Club Wednesday night VHF net. All radio amateurs are welcome.

This net operates on the club repeater frequency of 147.04 Mhz. Please note that if there are problems with this repeater we will switch to 146.90, minus offset, 88.5 Hz tone.

This is a directed net. If you do break the net, please break with the word ‘contact’ and your call.

Is there any priority or emergency traffic? (Handle the traffic.)

Are there any QSTs for the net? (If so, take them now.)

Are there any formal traffic listings for the net? Formal traffic only, please. (Handle the traffic.)

Before we begin the roll call, are there any emergency powered or mobile stations wishing to check in? We will call for visitors at the end of the roll call.

The net is called alphabetically by suffix. When checking in, please use your call phonetically and state whether you have any formal, written traffic, or you wish to request any information. We start the roll call from the top on odd days, and from the bottom on even days (local time). This being an <odd/even> day, we will start the roll from the <top/bottom>.

<Roll Call>

Are there any late, missed, or visitors wishing to check in, Alpha through Mike? (Get names and QTHs of visitors.) …November through Zulu? All through the alphabet, Alpha through Zulu?

Is there any further business for the net?

At this time I will close the Hellgate amateur Radio Club Wednesday night VHF net and return the repeater to normal amateur use. This is <your call> saying, “Thank you, 73, and good night.”


Traffic should be in form of written traffic according to the NTS system. Be prepared to copy traffic in the ARRL message form.

QST’s or Bulletin’s should be a notice of a happening or event.

Please log start and finish times, mark check-ins, total check-ins and the total of number of traffic items handled, and keep the log for possible future info.