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Nets and Repeaters

Labor day repeater repair party

2 Meter HARC Info & Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Net

147.04 MHz repeater (146.90 MHz is backup), every Wednesday evening, 9:00 pm local. Note: if this repeater fails, look for the net on 146.90 MHz This is a good net for HARC, Ham Radio and Emergency Communication information. Everyone is welcome.

Emergency & Portable Repeater Operation

During some public service events or emergencies, HARC may activate its portable repeater. Most often, it will be on the Montana Statewide Standard of 145.470 MHz (minus offset).

80 & 40 meter HF Nets - SkyWarn

Regularly scheduled HF nets have been cancelled. Operations only on as needed basis or for training drills.
Stay tuned to the 147.04 rptr & this page for new schedule announcements.

Repeaters near Missoula

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Repeater Frequencies and Nets
Location Direction / Distance from Missoula Output (Mhz) Input (Mhz Tone Remarks
Point Six 7930' 10 miles north 147.04 147.64 None FM voice and wide coverage.
Point Six 7850' 10 miles north 146.9 146.3 88.5 FM voice, autopatch, 911 access.
Blanchard Mtn 5750' 5 miles NW of Clearwater JCT 146.8 146.2 88.5 Off the air UFN
Point Six 7850' 10 Miles north of Missoula 444.8 449.8 88.5 FM voice. Temp off air
Point Six 7850' 10 Miles north of Missoula 145.01 145.01 None MSO WX packet simplex
Thompson Peak Near Superior 146.96 146.36 88.5 FM Voice - linked to 146.90
Portable and Emergency Variable 145.47 144.87 None Battery powered repeater, built by KE7WR, is used by HARC for emergency and additional coverage public service event communications.

Non HARC Repeaters
Location Direction / Distance from Missoula Output (Mhz) Input (Mhz Tone Remarks
Mt Sentinel 5800' 3 miles east 147.00 147.60 123.0 NZ7S Repeater
University Mtn 3 miles east 448.9 443.9 131.8 Click here for website
University Mtn 3 miles east 146.92 146.32 100 Click here for website
Pat's Knob 5 miles south of Plains 147.14 147.74 103.5 Owned by K7KTR, Keith Rodgers
Point 6 10 miles N of Missoula 147.12 147.72 103.5  
Hamilton 5 miles west of Hamilton 146.72 146.12 NA Bitterroot ARC Repeater is West of Hamilton